Guide for Planning Trips to Kenya and Tanzania

You should know that a trip to Africa is just even better if you tour to Kenya and Tanzania, these two places will complete your trip. The two countries are recognized to be the two best countries in Africa, and with that in mind, isn't that enough reason to try and visit Kenya and Tanzania? You will be able to see a lot of tourist attractions if you travel to East Africa, there will be a lot of beautiful things to see there. You should know that the two countries, Kenya and Tanzania are filled with wonderful natural scenery and it is even a virgin island with a lot of beaches and the climate is ideal throughout the year, they have excellent accommodation and people are very hospitable and gentle. If you visit the two countries, Kenya and Tanzania, you will have a lot of pleasant memories and that is a fact. Read further to learn more about this. 

In Kenya, you will be departing from Nairobi riding a special four-wheel drive cruiser that will have pop-up roofs for better views. You will also be accompanied by a professional African driver that will have experience over the road you are taking and with skills reputable in whole East Africa, you don't need to panic or worry. You will also love the view when you get to pass the Great Rift Valley, that is where you will be able to see the amazing features of Mt. Longonot and also the wonderful Lake Naivasha. The bird paradise which is named, Nakuru is where your journey starts to get even more interesting. The lake is also known to have alkaline water and its producing a lot for the hundreds of pink flamingos and other exotic birds. This is a perfect spot to get those cameras flashing and get those photos of the hundreds of birds in the area, it will be a treat for your eyes.

Make sure that you plan on ahead of you plant to visit Kenya and Tanzania so that you will be able to visit all of the best tourist spots in the two countries. You will have a better time if you have a plan because you will not be wasting time, you will have a straight journey since you know where to go and what to do. That is the advantage of planning ahead of time when planning to travel and go to different places and countries. Go to this site to get started. 

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