Trekking at Kenya's Highest Mountain

Located at the northern part of Kenya is the highest mountain in the country and ranks second highest in whole Africa Mount Kenya peaks at 5,199 meters above the sea level and stands at a distance of 20 kilometers from the equator. This mountain is also known worldwide as the biggest free standing mountain and what used to be a volcano many years ago, has become inactive and extinct. Due to its inactivity and widely known scenery like slopes of afro-alpine flora, many people have come to Kenya to go on and try Mount Kenya trekking.

This glacier-clad mountain consists of twelve glaciers that protects its highest peaks namely Nelion, Point Lenana and Batian. Due to its outstanding nature and hard trails, this has placed an interest for many mountaineers and trekkers. Some of the famous explorers have already trekked Mount Kenya including a British geographer. For beginners, it is best to start on the easiest trekking peak of the mountain which is Point Lenana, as Nelion and Batian are tough to explore even for the experts. Visit website for more details. 

There are still other summit points in Mount Kenya including Dutton, John and Piggott. The mountain also has the three main routes for climbing and the easiest and more preferred by trekkers is the Naro Moru which leads to Lenana peak. The second main route and probably the most interesting is the Chogoria. In this route you will see cliffs, Lake Michaelson and the Gorges Valley. The third route is called Sirimon where you will need to pass through a forest. Not many climbers choose this route but for some who did, they were able to see different kinds of wild animals in the forest and a beautiful alpine view.

Mount Kenya is surrounded by various rain forests. The higher slope are the alpine meadows while on the lower side are thickets of bamboos. According to a tribe in Kenya, this beautiful mountain is believed to be a place where God or Ngai lived.

Choosing to go Mount Kenya trekking with a tour guide is more convenient. Usually a package tour in Mount Kenya will take about 5 days. The price you will pay for your tour guide will be worth it as it will include transfer ride to and from Mount Kenya's base, full meal plan everyday: breakfast, lunch and dinner, accommodation which are usually camps or huts, entrance fees with government taxes, English speaking mountain guide, free water, and a certificate that will serve as your recognition and remembrance for completing the Mount Kenya trek. All of these for the price of one. Click here to get started. 

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